Renegade craft fair application

set-up example

Mood boards and Inspiration
Renegade 2017 will be my first solo, stylized set-up.  Because I don't have any existing example photos at this time, I've assembled a mood board for reference to illustrate the aesthetic and type of display I'll be bringing. 

I'll also be sharing a booth with Left Handed Wave.  We'll be working together to create a space within the booth
that showcases our work equally and harmoniously.  



Handmade backdrop

Feature signage will be crafted from wool or paper, highlighting the garden theme. 



In 2016 I was a Featured Artist for the Andersonville Arts Walk.  Four-Sided did a wonderful job showcasing my creatures in a natural setting, shown here.

neutral background

The bright colors of the art pieces, along with pops of color from moss and plants, will be balanced with neutral tones and natural wood display pieces.

pop color.png
garden secrets.png

sophisticated garden mystery

While guests are browsing the space they are drawn to discovery, as if they were finding these wee creatures in their own garden or out in the wild.
Colors are fun and bright, but not overpowering.  
There's nooks and shelves, but everything is still sleek and arranged with an eye for overall composition.
Display objects, such as tree stumps and moss, are subtle and used to highlight the work and provide context.